Kids Natural Play Makeup Party for the WIN!


So, this week we hosted a Birthday party for our 7 year old girl, Ivy... 

I finished the invitation list in my excel spreadsheet (very former business analyst of me) and clicked the SUM button 34 kids (WHAT THE!?!).


How the hell did that happen! Throw in a few siblings and even with a few "no can do" RSVP's, we ended up with 36 kids.


As I sipped my morning coffee the day of the party, hubby asked "So what's the game plan today?", "Close your eyes and hold on for dear life!" was my response. I was crapping myself! What did I get myself into!


With the help of my Mother-in-law, our amazing team and friends who pitched in making popcorn and ordering cakes and cutting up fruit on the day, the party was a smashing success!


I can't tell you how much fun Ivy had at her kids play makeup 7th Birthday! It was so calm and happy and fun! Adults were having conversations without having to yell, the little ones (boys and girls) were so engrossed in the activities that it was like a well oiled classroom! 


We set up little play stations of;
💇‍♀️ SLiCK KiDS Hair Braid station ( I hired one of our baby sitters that does amazing braids!)


All up with 36 children we used;
✨  1 of each polish (there was still more than half of each bottle left!
🌞   5 nail sticker sheets
💄   1 of each eyeshadow colour, 1 blush , 18 double sided brushes and 36
💕  4 packs of Tattly tattoos


Check out our Spa Party Pack here.

Super easy, toxin free and kept them busy for 2 hours!!


My top Party Tips are;

  1. Keep it Simple - don't over think it.
  2. Choose activities that will keep them occupied for longer.
  3. Choose activities with items that double up as party favours to cut costs.
  4. Allow them the space to be a little messy so you don't stress.



📸 Ivy with her custom cake from Ma Boulange Café Patisserie and custom topper from Dough Re Mi (both paid for) which were AMAZING!!! We also purchased Dough Re Mi custom cookies in the look of our eyeshadow lids and nail polishes to add to party favours that matched the topper.