Australia's First 20 FREE, Non-Toxic Kids' Scented, Scratch-Off Nail Polish


      In a ground-breaking development, No Nasties Kids is proud to unveil its first non-toxic kids' scented, scratch-off nail polish. This innovative product aims to provide children with a safe and enjoyable nail painting experience without the toxic chemicals, and natural, fun fragrances!

      Why is No Nasties Kids Nail Polish the Best Choice?

      Conventional nail polishes often contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which can pose health risks, especially for children who are more susceptible to chemical exposure. Many “non-toxic” kids nail polish brands contain many toxic chemicals that have potential side effect lists as long as my arm! No Nasties Kids is proud to have released the world’s first 20 free, low ingredient kids scratch off polish specifically formulated for little ones.

      No Nasties Kids nail polish is designed ‘For Play, Not Stay’, it is easily removed, washes off with water and has been formulated without adhesives, which means that it does not require nail polish remover.

      The other benefit of the No Nasties Kids nail polish formulation is that if your little one has an accident (which happens ALL the time in our household), the polish can be scratched or washed off much easier than adhesive based polishes.

      What are the new No Nasties Kids Scented Polishes?

      One of the most exciting features of No Nasties Kids new nail polish are the amazing scents! The scents are carefully selected to create a captivating experience for children, making nail painting sessions even more enjoyable. From fruity aromas like watermelon and Blueberry Muffin to sweet Christmas Candy Cane, the range of scents will appeal to every child's preference, encouraging their creativity and imagination.

      What Makes 20 Free Scratch-Off Polish the Best Choice for My Little One?

      Our sentiments around polish for little ones (8 and under) is solid… If nail polish requires nail polish remover or has real “staying power” on the nail bed, it has not been formulated for kids.

      Chemicals painted onto the nail bed make their way into our blood stream, so it is no surprise that we won’t use conventional nail polish on our little ones, especially if they require nail polish remover (toxic solvents) to remove it!

      No Nasties Kids Nail Polish are;

      • Vegan
      • Made with minimal ingredients
      • Do not contain synthetic colouring additives such as Red Lake
      • Are formulated “For Play, Not Stay”
      • Are Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free
      • Do not require nail polish remover
      • Minimises the risk of permanently damaging furniture and other items due to “accidents”
      • Hand made in Australia
      • Naturally Fragranced
      • Easy to use and easy to remove
      • Cruelty Free
      • Palm Oil and Microplastics Free


      Benefits of No Nasties Kids Scented Polish;

      1. Non-Toxic: By eliminating harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional nail polish, this non-toxic alternative ensures kids health and safety, providing peace of mind for parents.
      2. Naturally Fragranced: Unlike regular nail polishes that emit strong chemical odours, No Nasties Kids scented formula in this non-toxic polish replaces the potentially unpleasant smell with awesome natural fragrances that children will love.
      3. Easy Removal: Parents will appreciate the hassle-free removal process for a few reasons... Kids almost always have “accidents” while asserting their independence in applying their nail polish, and with No Nasties Kids 20 Free Scratch off polish, when an accident occurs, in most cases the polish can be easily scratched off or washed out! No Nasties nail polish can be easily removed with gentle scrubbing or simply scratching off, minimizing any potential damage to the nails, your coffee table or their bed spread! PS We do not recommend leaving


      No Nasties Kids prides themselves in being the world’s most innovative natural kids’ makeup and hair care company! No Nasties Kids innovative non-toxic kids' scented, scratch-off nail polish is a significant step forward in the realm of child-friendly cosmetics. By combining safety, awesome scents, and interactive features, this product offers a unique and engaging experience for little ones. With its commitment to non-toxicity and creativity, No Nasties Kids Scented nail polish paves the way for more kid-friendly products!