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      Discovering the Magic of No Nasties Kids: Natural Makeup for Your Little Ones!

      Hello there! We are all about creating wonderful natural based products for parents who are conscious about what goes on their kids skin and hair – No Nasties Kids, a brand that creates natural and safe makeup kits for little ones.

      As parents, we are thinking about what’s on every day, is their school uniform clean, what activities do they have on in the afternoon, what’s for dinner, what’s that stain on the lounge… and on top of that, we are trying our best to decrease the amount of toxins we have in our homes, and of course, on our kids. That’s a lot to think about, I am with you, as a mum of 2, this is my every day!

      No Nasties Kids takes away some of the worry by offering makeup kits that let children explore the world of beauty in a fun and safe way as well as plant based hair care that takes the hassle out of maintaining their locks!

      What Makes No Nasties Kids Stand Out?

      No Nasties Kids' products are made using natural ingredients. That's right – no harmful chemicals and no toxins. Our makeup kits are made from non-toxic ingredients, making them safer for sensitive young skin.  No Nasties Kids are also the innovators, not only in products but also in the design of our products… Our stunning packaging including completely biodegradable containers (eco range), magnetised luxe gift boxes and world first 20 toxin free scented nail polish are all unique to No Nasties Kids.

      Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is playing and experimenting with makeup that won't harm their skin or overall health. It's a win-win for both kids and parents!

      The Creative Joy of Makeup Play

      We all know that kids learn through play and No Nasties Kids' makeup kits encourage imaginative play in many forms. With a great range of vibrant, playful colours that will spark creativity in your little one, who can go from playing dress-ups to playing shops. From natural pressed eyeshadows to blushes, our kits provide a variety of makeup items that your little ones can use to express themselves and have endless fun.

      Not only does this encourage creative play, but it also helps build confidence and a positive self-image from a young age. It's about embracing the beauty within and having a blast while doing so!

      Teaching Healthy Habits

      Another fantastic aspect of No Nasties Kids' makeup kits is that they subtly educate children about healthy beauty habits. By using safe, natural makeup products, children learn the importance of choosing products that are good for their skin and the environment.

      It sets the stage for teaching them about the significance of clean beauty, making informed choices, and understanding what ingredients to avoid – a valuable lesson they can carry into adulthood.

      Parental Peace of Mind

      As parents, we all appreciate products that are easy to clean, and No Nasties Kids delivers on that front too! Their makeup washes off effortlessly, both from skin and most fabrics, as we know, little ones are prone to accidents! You can let your children have a blast with their makeup creativity, knowing it won't be a hassle to clean up afterward.

      In a world where the beauty industry can sometimes be overwhelming with its variety of products, it's refreshing to find a brand like No Nasties Kids that prioritizes safety, creativity, and education.

      If you're looking to introduce your child to the world of makeup in a safe and enjoyable way, No Nasties Kids is the best choice. Let your child's imagination run wild, and watch them shine with No Nasties Kids natural and fun makeup kits!