Cleanest Kids Nail Polish in the World - for a natural as possible mum

The World's Cleanest Kids Nail Polish

Growing up with sensitive skin, eczema and a list as long as my arm worth of allergies was a challenge sometimes... Such as kids parties when there was face painting on offer, which had a 50/50 chance of turning my skin into a lumpy, swollen, hot and very itchy mess. 

As we know, kids don't want to miss out, I certainly didn't, but my mum also didn't want me to have a bad reaction which could end up landing me in hospital, wearing little gloves (their attempt at keeping my scratching at bay) and with my skin red raw.

No Nasties Kids was created with kids (who are like me) in mind.


With no Gluten, Dairy or Nuts in our makeup products, allergy kids can safely use No Nasties Kids and join in with dress ups and imaginative play. We have taken the initiative to actively check that none of our fragrances are wheat derived either.

I am often asked about natural ingredients and allergies, and the truth is, many natural ingredients can cause very severe allergic reactions, sometimes, far more than synthetic based ingredients. So, for certain allergies, natural is not always best and when asked about this, I am always upfront and try to answer with all the knowledge I have attained over my life with my own experience, studying, researching and now having my own little (and not so little anymore) ones.

My take on the allergy train is that we try to work with the most natural ingredients possible without chemicals that are hormone disruptors or carcinogenic. We are always mindful of the "toxic load" and try to balance that with "as natural as possible".

Take our No Nasties Kids Nail Polish as an example, we searched and searched the globe for "natural nail polish" and let me tell you, an effective one does not exist. 

We purchased a brand from overseas that was marketed as being edible and received a shipment that looked like each little bottle was full of off banana and broccoli (we are still out of pocket thousands of dollars on that shipment!). It was a great idea, great in theory, but it was obviously not a very stable formula, and nobody wants to brush some off fruit onto their hands! It was also coloured using synthetic colours such as Red Lake, which we didn't really want.

The bottom line is that there is no formula that we have found to date to be actually, truly  natural and effective in painting on and staying on the nail bed for any length of time. If nail polish requires nail polish remover, there is no way in the world it can be natural and in fact, requires adhesive polymers to stick to the nail bed.

Adhesive (glue) Polymers (plastic,PVC,acrylic) - Does that sound "non-toxic" to you?

And yet, you can search for "natural polish" and you will find many brands claiming that their polishes are "natural" and "non-toxic" that also require nail polish remover. Weird ha.

Are they "bad"? No! They are what they are. I love wearing polish, I actually wear gel nails and for over 3 years I didn't even paint my nails!  But life is a journey, and painted nails is something I personally love - at the moment.

Would I put nail polish on my little ones that were full of chemicals and required nail polish remover (more chemicals) to remove them knowing what I know now? No.

That's just my take on the balance of things for me and my family.

Our polish is not all natural, it is simply made with the fewest ingredients possible, with simple mica colouring (no synthetic Red Lake etc added) and no nail polish remover required. It doesn't last long - for now... We are still trying to crack the balance between "as natural as possible" and "toxic load"!

It doesn't smell, it scratches off and it will likely scratch off or wash off before the day is done. It's " For Play, Not Stay™️", a bit of fun without the toxic load.

xx Natalia