Save your sanity and choose the right kid-friendly makeup kit for your child

You’re enjoying a little quiet time while the kids play and are a few sips into a big glass of red when you realise that, hang on, it’s too quiet.

They’re not in their bedroom, and you can’t see them in the living room. Then, you hear giggles in the bathroom. S***. You walk in and are hit in the face with a couple of clown faces throwing eyeshadow in the air and writing on the walls with your lipstick.

There goes that $79 tube.

But what if the kids had their own pretend makeup sets so they could enjoy the fun but leave the good stuff alone? They get to use their imagination and you get to enjoy your wine. Sounds like a dream to us!

No Nasties Kids is on a mission to give parents a break while providing fun and imaginative play for your little ones. Kids learn by imagining and doing, and studies show pretend play can encourage problem solving, goal seeking and self-regulation skills. 

Who knew letting the kids play safely on their own could be so good for developmental and cognitive growth? We’ll cheers to that.

We know our kids want to copy mum and play with makeup, and there are plenty of children’s makeup sets on the market. But there’s also the question of letting them play with real products or pretend products. 

For example, would you rather them play with pretend makeup or do you trust them with the real thing? How will real versus pretend impact their play?

We’ve asked the same questions and, to be honest, we’re not sure there’s a “right” option. Sometimes you just can’t trust the kids to not make a mess, but you also don’t want to cramp their style by setting too many rules.

At No Nasties, we have both pretend makeup sets and real, natural children’s makeup for your little ones. Here’s a breakdown of No Nasties Water-Based Peelable Nail Polish and Little Makeup Lovers Pretend Nail Polish.

We love both products to bits, and so do our kids! Both nail polishes allow and encourage children to play with products suitable for their age. One suits younger (and more clumsy) children who are more likely to spill it all over the carpet and their clothes, while the other suits an older age group with further developed motor and concentration skills.

With pretend makeup and real children’s play makeup, you’re making the choice based on your child’s developmental phase and keeping your own sanity, encouraging them to imagine for longer and create colourful memories that last a lifetime.

Check out our natural, safe kids’ makeup sets and our pretend play makeup here.