No nasties in sight as competitors join forces for unique children’s makeup venture

In an inspiring small business move, two Queensland ‘mumpreneurs’ have put aside their competition to join forces and redefine natural children’s play makeup.   
With two thriving businesses focusing on safe and natural play makeup for kids, No Nasties and Little Makeup Lovers have collaborated in a unique venture that’s already reaching international markets.
Natalia Michael and Danielle Matuzic didn’t know each other from a bar of soap but they shared one creative and colourful idea; pretend makeup for kids free from harmful chemicals. 
Natalia, the founder of No Nasties, reached out to Danielle after realising the similarities between their businesses. 
“Danielle was essentially my competition, but competing with another hard-working mum was about as appealing to me as my kids’ dirty socks,” Natalia said. 
In a lightbulb moment, the pair realised they could come together, collaborate and support each other’s businesses by creating a unique kid-friendly makeup kit.
“Why compete as two small businesses selling similar products?” Natalia said. 
The pair now sell each other’s products on their respective websites and have recently launched their ‘BFF Box’. The collaborative children’s play makeup box, inspired by the now-friends’ collaboration has already been pre-sold in five countries.

The savvy business women have found unique success in forgetting competition and working together, expanding their reach and providing colourful memories that last a lifetime.

“It’s just proven you can be more successful by putting "competition" aside and working together,” Natalia said.


The two business women have become good friends, sharing family dinners and supporting each other through their business journeys.