Imaginative Play is the Go

Imaginative play for kids on school holidays


Whenever my daughter says, “I'm bored” , my tongue in cheek response is “If you are bored, you must be BO-RING!”.

It’s a thing now, that kids request constant entertainment, but who can blame them, they are bombarded with information day in, day out! Even I feel like it's difficult to really switch off, unless I am doing something with my hands and body, like a puzzle or a beach walk!

Keeping kids entertained can be tricky, so we wanted to share with you that there are endless opportunities for kids to explore their creativity and have a blast!

Let’s run through a few!

Open-Ended Toys are great because they are toys that can be used in multiple ways and have no set rules or instructions! Think play makeup, dress-ups, blocks or making potions! The Deluxe Ultimate Gift Bundle contains a Nala or Nancy pack, 2 water-based Australian Made kids polishes that scratch off and 3 packs of water beads!


Nature contains an endless realm of activities! Collect flowers, sticks, sand and shrubs to add to witchy potions and cast spells on siblings. Add flowers found in the garden to Once Upon a Time for a shimmery Princess experience or gumnuts and leaves to Monster Mash Up for a ghoulish afternoon!


Pretend Play can lead to hours of hot coffee drinking time for mum! Playing restaurant, doctor, or teacher allows kids to use their imagination and practice real-life scenarios in a safe, fun way. For the little ones, pretend play makeup can make for cute pretend salon play! No colour transfer, on their skin or your furniture and walls makes Little Makeup Lovers the perfect toy for little ones!

Providing costumes, accessories, and props can make pretend play even more engaging, even dads old t-shirts can be cut up to make a cool cape!

These school holidays I am trying to allow for more free play with open-ended toys, playing in nature and pretend play – I am hoping that I won’t be hearing “I’m BORED!”.

And I am intrigued to see what my little one comes up with!


What keeps your little one entertained for hours? Comment below x