Bubbles and Blah Blah featuring Tutu by You

 Bubbles and Blah Blah! 


Tutu by You

Welcome! We are so excited to be introducing you to our NEW guest section! Each 'Bubbles and Blah Blah' article will feature a different company whom, No Nasties gets an exclusive interview with. 

So grab your prosecco and settle in for a chat with these two kid's style innovators. We promise you won't be disappointed...

We asked the girls a few cheeky questions to get to know them and I'm sure you will agree, they are as fun as their products!

         What is the funniest thing someone has done with your product?            We often get asked if we do tutu’s for dogs or pets, and 1 lady actually bought our smallest size tutu for her dog, for the dog’s 3rd birthday party! So maybe it’s something we need to look into!

What is your favourite cocktail and why?
Steph’s is the Pisco Sour, as it has egg whites in it, so effectively it’s just like having a meal. Emily’s is the Margarita, and similar to the above, it has the same name as a pizza, so together we don’t need to worry about dinner, 
Fridays can just be for cocktails. 

What is the word you love the most and why?
Twirling! It conjures up feelings of freedom and laughter and pure joy!
What did/do you want to be when you grow up?
Steph - A cast member of Hamilton- I’m currently OBSESSED with this musical and would DIE if I could be in a production like this!! 
Emily – I wanted to own a big grand hotel, and walk down the central staircase in a red dress every night for cocktail hour…. Ha ha ha - imagine that now, no-one would even look up from their phones to see me in my beautiful red dress! 



A weird/fun fact about you?
We both know every single world to Salt N Pepa’s “Shoop” and will happily perform it together at any chance we can get, including all the really bad dance moves! 


What does the best day in your business look like?
When we get video’s or pictures sent to us of children opening their Tutu by You tubes, or twirling in their tutu’s. It is seriously the BEST feeling seeing our product out in the wild, the joy and happiness it brings to little kids is everything for us. 
Where to next? What is the future of the brand in your eyes?
We are working on creating retail experiences, think Tutu by You in a caravan on a beach where you come and design your outfits and have unicorn rides with ice cream at the same time… 


Why do you think our customers would love your products?
💜 Life is better in a tutu- that’s an actual scientific fact.
💚 The outfits will be loved by both you and your little one, they are comfy, colourful & twirly! Seeing their face when they open the tube and pull out the Tutu with the confetti is worth it in itself! 
💛 Tutus give kids a special super power, its invisible - but you can tell when they have it…. you’ll notice they’re just having a bit more fun than anyone else that day! 


We LOVE Tutu By You and you can too using the code TUTU4EVA for $16 off your first 3 piece outfit (must add a Tutu, Leo-Tee and Sparkle Band to cart for discount to be valid.)


 Enjoy! Nat xx