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Space Explorer Set - 8 Tattoos | TATTLY vegetable ink tattoos

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Aunty Kelly’s ‘no regerts’ tattoo might be embarrassing, but that doesn’t mean your little ones have to follow suit. Save them from the shame with these ultra safe, non toxic, temporary tattoos. Printed in all-natural vegetable ink, they provide all the fun without the risk, and last approx. 2 – 4 days.

To get the most from your Tattly Tattoos, make sure you apply them on an oil free, non- stretchy part of the body and do your best to keep them clean (not on the face!)

Tattly sets include:

8 assorted tattoos

Handy application sponge


Our Animal Drivers Set is a collection of our favourite driving animals by artist Greg Pizzoli. Your skin will be the perfect racetrack for these high-flying and high-octane critters!

The Animal Drivers Set includes the following designs by Greg Pizzoli: Le Phant Elephant, Fire Cats, Hammer Head, Mole Flyer, Nice Cream Truck, Copter Pup, Sub Mouse, and Wild Cat.

Printed in vegetable ink.

Made in USA.


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