Kids Nail Sticker Set

Nail Sticker Sheet

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Colourful and Fun Kids Nail Stickers in Cupcake, Mermaid, Princess, Unicorn and Fruity Tutti!


These adorable little nail stickers are as cute as the little finger nails they’re adhering to. 

They’re super easy to apply and will stop your cutie from drawing on their nails with marker. 

Perfect to pair with nail polish in this special pack!

Lucky dip nail sticker sheet - we have 5 pretty styles.

Dimensions - 8cm x 10cm

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Customer Reviews

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Super cute my niece is going to love them

Marianne B.

Felicity absolutely loves her new make up 😍, I told her it’s very special and she has her 6th birthday party on Sunday!! She will be wearing that makeup and I will take a pic and sent to you guys. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Have a great weekend 😊😊😊😊