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      Tattly Tattoos are created by real artists and then printed with vegetable ink for fun & safe temporary tattoos for kids and adults alike!

      Temporary tattoos for kids have become quite a popular trend, but there’s quality temporary tattoos and then there are others that aren’t so great (for their skin!).

      Are Tattly Temporary Tattoos Safe?

      Kids love to explore with textas right… or pens, or whatever else they had in their hand at that moment! You may want to give them the option of a temporary tattoo that is highly pigmented and has many great designs to choose from, but, is it safe?

      This is where Tattly vegetable ink temporary tattoos for kids come in. These tattoos are not only fun for kids to apply, but they are also safe for their skin so you don’t have to worry when they run wild and stick them all. Over. The. Place.

      What is in traditional cheap temporary tattoos?

      Tattly Vegetable ink tattoos are a great alternative to traditional tattoos, which involve the use of chemicals and other harmful substances. Some can be so hard to remove, months later you spot a bit left over from Christmas! So think about it, how harsh are the glues used for them to stay put for so long?

      Are Tattly Kids Tattoos hard to apply? And how do you remove them?

      Tattly are easy to apply with just a little water and then wash off by themselves between 3 days and a week or rub with a little Eucalyptus oil to remove it straight away.

      Unlike traditional tattoos, Tattly vegetable ink temporary tattoos can be easily removed, and they do not leave any residue on the skin. This means that your child can have fun experimenting with different designs without worrying about any long-term effects.

      Where do the Tattly Tattoo Designs come from?

      Tattly have a unique model where real artists create awesome designs that are all unique and the artist makes money from their designs sold. So, by choosing Tattly, you are not only supporting an Australian business, you are supporting phenomenal artists too. We think they are pretty great!

      Do Kids Like Tattly Temporary Tattoos?

       Whether parents like them or not, kids LOVE temporary tattoos! If you are like us, and worry about the chemicals being used on our children’s skin, Tattly is the safest choice.  With so many designs and colors to choose from, kids can have fun creating their own unique look that they can show off to their friends or nan at the next family BBQ. Your little artist can show off their personality with Tattly temporary tattoos printed with vegetable ink!