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      No Nasties Kids is voted #1 by mums and loved by kids around the world!

      You can trust No Nasties Kids, the original kids’ makeup brand established in 2015.

      Add a little shimmer and shine to your little one’s day with hypoallergenic, natural play makeup from No Nasties Kids. No Nasties Kids are also the creators of the world’s first 20 Free water-based scratch off kids nail polish, made in Australia and the world's fist 20 FREE scented polish for kids!

      Kids love to explore the world around them, and mums’ nail polish drawer is no different! Let them have a ball with their very own kids nail polish sets and rest assured that the ingredients are the safest available, and even better, super easy to scratch off!

      Mix and match our age-appropriate coloured water-based nail polish with our gorgeous little nail stickers to match any outfit for any occasion! Better yet, our nail stickers make for the best party favours, pop them into the lolly bags for a very sweet surprise, without the sugar.


      So she wants her nails done, but you know traditional nail polishes have chemicals in them. Plus, there’s the risk of her painting things like the cat or that ugly rooster statue your mother- in-law gave you (fingers crossed!).

      Its water based, scratch off and fun for kids. Just apply 2 – 3 coats (with drying time in between).

      Made for play not stay!
      If your kids nail polish needs nail polish remover..... It's probably not for kids.

      We love them because they are:

      • Made in Australia
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Vegan & Cruelty Free
      • Water Based
      • Non-toxic
      • Easy to apply
      • Remove without nail polish remover
      • low odour
      • fun age appropriate colours
      • Alcohol Free
      We are proudly free from 20 ingredients commonly found in nail polish such as; Talc Paraben, Titanium Dioxide, Phthalates, Petroleum, and PEG'S.

      What is very interesting is that some kids nail polish will be marketed as non-toxic or natural and yet contain harsh ingredients usually displayed as numbers starting with CI.

      No Nasties Kids ingredients are minimal and our kids polish has been specifically formulated to be as clean as possible with low odour and designed for play, not stay!

      That means NO NAIL POLISH REMOVER REQUIRED! We are so passionate about not requiring acetone or harsh chemicals to remove our polish. It goes against everything we believe in!

      We wouldn’t want to use all-natural play makeup to keep harsh chemicals off our little ones and then apply nail polish with harsh chemicals and then more harsh chemicals to remove it. Simple.

      Our kid’s polishes are easy to remove, they are not made to wear for days and days, they are made specifically for play and are easy to scratch off. That means they are easy to remove from nails and most furniture! Win-win for parents!


      Yes! No Nasties Kids products are vegan and cruelty free. You can let their imaginations run wild with no nasties 20 Free scratch off kids nail polish that does not require nail polish remover.

      20 FREE Scratch Off Kids Nail Polish Sets by No Nasties Kids

      No Nasties Kids prides themselves on creating safe and fun kids nail polish with;

      • Low ingredients
      • No Synthetic Fragrances
      • No talc, bismuth, titanium Dioxide or Ferric Ferrocyanide
      • No harsh chemical removers needed – like nail polish remover! Ever!
      • Scratch Off Formula
      • Made in Australia with full transparency on the sourcing of ingredients. We take safety seriously.

      All of the No Nasties Kids Polishes are made on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and are formulated for kids with gentle and non-toxic ingredients.


      No Nasties Kids products make for GREAT party favours and even a party theme! Pop nail stickers into a gift bag for a cute party favour and check out the Spa Party Pack for a cute nail salon birthday party! Add a few natural kids eyeshadows, a couple of all natural blush and a few Twinkle Sprinkle Brush Sets and you have the perfect set up for a makeup and nail salon party! Check out our blog about Kids Birthday Parties here.


      We want your little ones to have a blast playing with our gorgeous, shimmery, 20 Free kids nail polish kits without gaudy adult like colours. Our gorgeous colours include shimmery purple, sparkly pink, glimmery mermaid blue and bright pink. No Nasties Kids is specifically formulated for kids, for play not stay with our easy to scratch off formula and no nail polish remover required.


      No Nasties Kids is based on Australia’s pristine Sunshine Coast, with their purpose-built warehouse in Coolum Beach, equipped with clean rooms. When you shop with No Nasties Kids, you can trust that you will receive the highest quality products, manufactured with care, and with years of knowledge – and the founder in the building! No Nasties Kids has over 1000 stockists world-wide and is the leading innovator in kids play makeup, clean kids nail polish and hair care! All formulas and designs are created in house with our very own chemist and Natalia’s very own creative brain! When you invest in No Nasties Kids, you know that you are buying the original and the best play makeup available for your little one.


      No Nasties was established in 2015 and launched in May of 2016. There has never been a time when No Nasties Kids has not delivered on their promises, and they pride themselves on 3 key factors.

      • We Deliver
      • We Communicate
      • We fix issues Fast

      If you have any questions at all, our team are always here to help!

      Feel free to reach out to us here, we would love to hear from you!