Real Children's Makeup vs Pretend Play Makeup


To mess or not to mess?

So, you may be aware that I believe that children playing with children's play makeup is a really fun idea... WAY more fun than them using my brand new expensive lipstick or blush! 

Imaginative pretend play can help your child develop fine and gross motor skills and create memories of a lifetime. I still remember putting on mums makeup when my sister and I would throw one of grandma's knitted blankets over our shoulders, a floppy hat and put on shows singing "I'm a little tea pot" for our family. Whilst I am 100% sure it would have been torture for them, sitting through hours of shows, it is a memory I have kept over the years.

Dress ups and pretend play also promotes cognitive development, creativity and encourages activities away from screens which is a great thing in my book.

If you are looking for gifts for a pre-schooler or are wary of applying products to their skin, I highly suggest pretend play makeup like Little Makeup Lovers which allows for the fun without any actual makeup.

These sets and pretend play makeup products are gorgeous, easy to hold and available in lots of beautiful colours.

I you are gifting makeup to an older child, perhaps they have already shown interest or stolen your lipstick one too many times, they might be looking for a real makeup set. No Nasties Kids is the best choice here, with all natural childrens makeup that is Australian, Canadian and US Made in age appropriate colours.

They are also super easy to wipe off with a damp cloth so no staining!

At the end of the day, children do NOT "need" makeup, but if they are anything like mine, they may get into yours or textas and sometimes permanent ones, where they end up looking like a jail bird for a few weeks. #stopthejailbird

We are proud to bring you the best natural childrens makeup and pretend play makeup in the world!

x Nat