One thing you may (or may not) know about me is I am very eco & sustainably conscious – I am an avid doco watcher and have watched every episode of War on Waste on the ABC. I am the creator of No Nasties products for kids, a Certified Health Coach and believe in spreading the word about the importance of choosing natural and organic living. Feel free to head over to my private Facebook group to find out more.

The truth about plastic glitter…

The other day, I was fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with a lady (yes, I am Chatty Cathy), we had a fascinating conversation about water, the ocean and the consumption of fish. She explained to me that we are consuming large amounts of toxins from the seafood we eat. I then went home and started to research what she had told me. And it’s true we as consumers are leaching microplastics into our earth and waterways every single second of the day. Microplastics are working their way into our oceans and all fish are consuming these plastics. As mother nature intended, larger fish are eating the smaller fish and ending up with extremely high levels of metal and plastics in their system – WE EAT FISH! As part of my research I read an article which highlighted this take-home piece of information (You can read this article here) “Seafood eaters ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic each year” – I gasped at my computer screen with wide eyes, holy guacamole!

I then started to think to think about the industry that No Nasties plays in. When I first started creating play make up for kids, I was doing it inside my own house, IN MY HOME! There would be some days guests to my house could have been excused for thinking they came partway through a Mardi Gras parade. But I loved it, and you know why I loved it? I loved it because I knew exactly what was going on the products I was creating for the little ones receiving them. I knew that there were only organic and natural ingredients being placed into these items ensuring that there was minimal impact on the most delicate skin, household, and environment.

All of our No Nasties products are made from natural mica minerals, and I do love a bit of glitz as much as the next, but I say no to plastic glitter (but not to shimmer), you know the little plastic bits that get stuck in your carpet! I say no to this because these little pieces are microplastics.

We are calling for a ban on plastic glitter!

We have already seen bold moves to reduce the number of plastics into the planet, with the United States banning the use and production of plastic microbeads, retailers in Australia have stopped providing single-use plastic bags, Queensland government have also added to the ban by providing fines to retailers for handing out these bags. In my industry I am calling for a ban on the use of plastics in the production of makeup for kids – this means plastic glitter. As adults collectively, we have already polluted their world, now it’s time we all started doing our bit to reduce our impact on the environment and more importantly the effects it has on our marine life (seafood is such a delicious treat, but I like my prawns more natural thank you).

Besides that, do we really think it is a safe option to allow little ones to put plastic on their lips or close to their eyes?

There are so many companies claiming to be “safe” and “no nasties” who use plastic glitter!

I would love to know yours and your family’s initiatives to reduce your household waste and your impact on the environment, we all could share in some cool advice and tips, so please comment below!

I’m off to challenge myself in a new initiative (got a new thing you’re trying out)… for now, you can check out our shimmery, plastic glitter FREE, play makeup packs here.


The No Nasties Queen

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