Viria from MEBEME is a germ hating dude, who loves a Mojito!

Viria, or Vee as I know her has actually been a friend of mine since before the birth of my second born child - we met in the Obstetricians office!

Her husband Alex, lovingly known as Buckey (by me only) and my hubby Michael Squared (Michael Michael - true story) were high school friends.


About 18 months ago, Viria launched MEBEME which we proudly carry at No Nasties Kids.



Natural Tween Skincare


So grab some bubbly and lets see what she has to blah blah about!


What is the funniest thing someone has done with your product?

My toddler used my Fresh Citrus Deodorant as lip balm…. Worst part was it was from my bathroom so had already been used, he didn’t seem to mind. 🤮🤣

What’s the funniest fail you’ve had in business?

Funny now, NOT funny then…. Got a whole run of balancing cleansers printed with the WRONG ingredients. Have you tried sticking a flat sticker on a curved and sealed tube? 🥴🤬🤣 I can laugh now but geez….


Favourite cocktail and why?

Just one? Mojito! Fresh and hits the spot


What is the word you love the most and why?

Ok, so the first 2 that come to mind aren’t suitable…… so it’s gotta be - faaaarrrrrkkkkk. With the extra letters for extra emphasis.


What word do you hate and why?

Dude. Sorry Nat. Why Dude, Why?? 🤣



Natural Deodorant for Tween Teen



Weird/fun fact about you?

I freak out about germs and dirtiness, yet my house can look like it hasn’t been cleaned in months. Oh and I like things to be even, as in equal. #OCD

What does the best day in your business look like?

Drop off kids, coffee, in to office, old school pumping, work done, orders packed, inbox empty (my inbox is never empty), desk clean (again - never) and usually catch up with friends while I’m driving!


Where to next? What is the future of the brand in your eyes?

We are growing at an incredible rate, I would love to add a couple more products to the range and have some interest in MEBEME sitting on more shelves overseas which is very exciting.


Check out her awesome products here!