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      Embrace Learning through Play: Exploring the World of Makeup and Natural Based Hair Products


      Dress-ups, nail salon, playing shops... Play is a natural and fundamental way for children to learn about the world around them. Have you ever caught your little one watching you and then copying you? It's all learning through play!

      Play fosters creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience. One exciting way to combine learning and play is through the use of natural kids makeup, natural hair care and sensory toys!

      The Magic of Sensory Play

      Sensory play involves engaging the senses—touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing—to explore and discover various materials and their properties. It's an excellent tool for enhancing cognitive development, refining motor skills, and promoting creativity. When applied to makeup and hair products, sensory play becomes an exciting and immersive learning experience.

      1. Texture Exploration:

      Playing with different textures of makeup and hair products provides a sensory-rich experience for little ones. From the smooth surface of water beads to the creaminess of lip gloss, or the cool\, slick consistency of hair gel, kids can explore and describe the sensations they feel. This not only improves vocabulary but also helps in understanding the diverse properties of these products.

      2. Colour Play:

      No Nasties Kids Makeup is available in an array of colours, be it eyeshadow, blush, nail polish or lip gloss!  Exploring the colours of bouncy water beads and sorting them is a fun way to learn colours. Kids love to play makeup up! Sometimes we are asked if kids really need makeup... Do they? No! But do they want it? Absolutely! Kids Makeup is a child led passion for sure! Kids love to play by applying different colours to their cheeks and faces, daddy's face and sometimes even the dog. It's fun, and they are learning along the way.

      3. Get Smelly!

      No Nasties Kids has a great range of varied scents across our World First 20 Free Scented Polish, Natural Lip Gloss Wands and Hair Care Products. Engaging with these scents allows kids to identify and describe fragrances. With fun, yummy scents such as Strawberry Cupcake, Gummy Grape and even Cherry Berry, can you imagine the fun they will have?

      4. Fine Motor Skills

      Applying makeup or styling hair involves precise movements and coordination. From using a hair brush to applying lip gloss, these activities help in refining fine motor skills. Sensory play with makeup encourages a delicate touch and promotes dexterity. 

      Benefits of Learning through Play with Makeup and Hair Products

      Beyond the sensory exploration, incorporating makeup and hair products into learning through play offers a host of other advantages:

      1. Boosts Confidence:

      Experimenting with makeup and hair products in a playful manner can boost self-confidence and allows kids to express themselves creatively and develop a sense of independence. Kids learning to brush their own hair, and even style it for school is also super helpful to busy parents on school mornings!

      2. Encourages Social Interaction:

      Play often involves interaction with others, promoting social skills such as cooperation, communication, and sharing. Playing "makeup" together can strengthen relationships through creative play. I remember playing beauty salons as a child, my sister and I had the time of our lives painting each others nails and putting on fun makeup. 

      3. Develops Decision-making Skills:

      Selecting the right product, colour, or style involves decision-making. Through play, kids can make choices about the products and tools they want to use and learn how to maintain their own hair. Healthy habits can be created through play too, win-win!

      4. Promotes Self-expression:

      Makeup and hairstyling provide a medium for self-expression, even for little ones! By experimenting with different looks and styles, kids can express their personalities and in a playful and creative manner. Mohawk, why not! 

      Embracing learning through play with kids makeup and hair products can turn a seemingly simple activity into a fun and educational experience. Sensory play enhances cognitive skills and refines motor abilities while also encouraging creativity!