Selecting Natural and Non-Toxic Christmas Gifts for Kids: The Benefits of Buying Australian Made

      Christmas is so fun, especially for kids who eagerly await the delivery of gifts from Santa Claus. I can still remember Christmas Eve and the fun we had as a family, all of the cousins laid out on our grandparent’s lawn, staring into the sky hoping to see the first star!

      In our family, gifts were opened on Christmas Eve, and our grandmother would allow us to open them once the first star appeared.

      It is one of my fondest memories, and a tradition I have carried on with my kids. Although we have all grown up, we can relive those moments through our own kids, nephews, nieces and grandkids!

      As a parent or gift-giver, it's a nice feeling to carefully select gifts with love for the little ones we love. Opting for natural and non-toxic gifts, particularly those made in Australia, like No Nasties Kids, not only ensures the well-being of our little ones but also has a dual positive outcome with supporting local small business!

      Here’s what happened when you select Natural and Non-Toxic Products from a Small Business in Australia

      1. Safety and Well-being

      Natural and non-toxic gifts are generally crafted from materials and ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, or toxins. This ensures that children can play and interact with their gifts without risking exposure to potentially dangerous substances. Always check labels, I am often floored at brands claiming to be natural or non-toxic and cleverly marketing them to read the ingredients and find all sorts of chemicals and plastic glitters. At No Nasties Kids we have a very strict ethos around ingredients which has not changed since we launched in 2015.

      1. Environmental Consciousness

      Natural based gifts are often manufactured from renewable resources and are biodegradable, or recyclable, making them a more sustainable choice. Non-toxic materials ensure that the manufacturing process does not harm the environment, promoting eco-friendliness. We have just launched our No Nasties Kids pressed powders and eco packaging range, making our products natural and eco friendly!

      1. Health

      Natural and non-toxic gifts are often a better choice than toxic laden products sold in chain stores due to the amount of chemicals used in their production. Avoiding synthetic and chemical-laden products can help prevent unwanted skin irritations and reactions and the potential health risks of ingesting products such as chemical filled nail polish, particularly those that require nail polish remover! No Nasties Kids polish is specifically designed for Play Not Stay and are available in 2 gorgeous Christmas scents; Candy Cane (shimmery bauble green) and Sugar Plum (Soft Shimmery Mauve) , divine!

      The Advantages of Buying Australian Made Gifts

      1. High Quality and Care

      Australian-made gifts are known for their high quality and safe ingredients. Many local brands take great pride in their products, ensuring that each item is carefully manufactured with attention to detail. No Nasties Kids is the World’s most trusted Kids Makeup brand, with over 50,000 happy customers in 28 countries! When you shop small and Australian Made, there should be an exception level of care.

      1. Supporting Local Economy

      Purchasing Australian-made gifts supports local businesses and in turn, local families. By choosing No Nasties Kids Australian-made products, you are helping us grow a brand that is a small family business who are committed to creating the most innovative Kids Makeup products in the world. We sincerely appreciate every single order!

      1. Unique and Authentic Gifts

      Choosing to shop small can also mean that you will find a gift that is truly unique and special. Did you know that No Nasties Kids designs all of our products in house! Shop small means shopping special this Christmas!