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Blossom Certified Biodegradable Bio-glitter® 10g Jar

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Pink, Purple and Silver Certified Biodegradable Glitter  

What you receive

  • 1 x 'Blossom' Bioglitter 10g glass jar packaged in a gift ready cardboard box

We love The Glitter Tribe Bioglitter® because they are:

  • Certified Biodegradable (different to "eco glitter" which is not eco!)
  • Home Compostable - Unlike cheaper PLA (requires commercial composter)
  • Cosmetic Grade - It is suitable for face, hair, body, nails!  It's FDA approved
  • Ocean Safe
  • Breaks down in nature in 90 days
  • Made from plants not plastic
  • Is Certified 'OK Biodegradable Water' which means it is GUARANTEED to biodegrade in a natural environment

The Glitter Tribe Bioglitter can be used for;

  • Dress Ups
  • Cosmetic Applications
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Parties
  • Potion Making
  • Mixing with playdough
  • Mixing with No Nasties Kids Hair Gel to make glittery hair gel
Made in the UK.

The Glitter Tribe 'Blossom' is mixed from the Bioglitter® 'Pure, Sparkle and Opal' Range.

No need for harsh glues! You can use lip balm, Paw Paw balm or Aloe Vera gel to pop glitter on skin using fingertips, or a brush.

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