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Twinkle Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set
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Kids Makeup Brush Set

Twinkle Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set

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Save your special makeup brushes Mumma! Hypoallergenic Kids Makeup Brush Set.

Keep those little fingers (and therefore every inch of your house) free from makeup.

The twinkle sprinkle makeup brush set includes 5 soft, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free brushes. Sprinkle filled handles make them bright, happy, and easy to spot under a pile of discarded toys. Oh, and before you ask, no. You can’t eat the sprinkles (and not just because there’s no cupcake attached).

A great addition to the No Nasties Kids Nala, Nancy and Nixie Box Sets! 

For Ages 3+ with supervision

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