#1 Top Tips for caring for Curls with the Curly Girl Method.


The worlds #1 Curly Girl Method for naturally beautiful curls!

As a curly haired parent and the mother of a gorgeous curly girl myself, I know what it takes to really care for curls.

 If your child has curly hair, you might be struggling to find the right routine and products to keep their curls looking their best and with so much on the market it can be really tricky (and expensive) to find what works and what doesn’t! Enter the curly girl method and the No Nasties Kids Curly Girl Starter pack!

I had not heard of the Curly Girl Method and we were about a year in to the release of our multi award winning kids hair brand, SLiCK KiDS by No Nasties when we started to receive wholesale orders from Curly Girl Stores. I started researching and was blown away! All these years I had been straightening and bleaching my hair and I was never happy with it. Going against nature can be a struggle right! So, I decided to embrace my curls, I gave my hair a big chop, went darker (back to my natural colour) and began following the Curly Girl Method for both myself and my Curly Kid, Ivy.

It is a game changer for naturally wavy to curly hair as it improves the hair quality to such a standard that with proper care, I was able to wake, spray with water and SLiCK KiDS alcohol-free Hair Spray, light scrunch and be ready for the day, best of all, my hair has never looked better.

We have created the perfect 100% Curly Girl Method approved pack to start you on your Curly Girl Method journey!



So, what is the Curly Girl Method?

The curly girl method is a hair care routine that eliminates harsh sulfates and silicones, and encourages the use of natural and moisturizing ingredients. This method has been around for a while but is really growing in popularity with entire businesses centred around it!  But be aware, there are many brands using the term Curly Girl that are actually not Curly Girl Approved!

If you want low maintenance curls looking the very best they can, the Curly Girl Method is for you!

Here are some reasons why the curly girl method might be beneficial for your child's hair:

  1. Reduces Frizz: Curly hair is prone to frizz as it tends to dry out more than straight hair. By eliminating sulfates and silicones from your child's hair routine, you can reduce the amount of frizz and keep their hair looking defined and smooth.
  2. Encourages Curl Definition: Curly hair can sometimes look undefined and limp. By using products that encourage curl definition, such as leave-in conditioners and non-drying gels, your child's curls will look more defined and bouncy and retain the curl between washes.
  3. Promotes Healthy Hair: The curly girl method emphasizes the use of natural and moisturizing ingredients, which can help promote healthy hair growth and prevent damage. Remember, this methos is about improving the natural quality of the hair, not chemically forcing it into an unnatural state.

When it comes to implementing the curly girl method for kids, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use Kid-Friendly Products: There are a variety of curly girl-friendly products that are specifically designed for kids, like SLiCK KiDS! The SLiCK KiDS range is Curly Girl Approved, meaning that the ingredients in the Detangler Spray, Hair Gel and Hair Spray are all 100% curly girl method approved ingredients.
  2. Keep it Simple: Kids don't need a complicated hair routine. Keep it simple by using a gentle cleanser, detangler spray/leave-in conditioner, and styling gel, with a simple SLiCK KiDS hair spray for “refresh days”.
  3. Treat Hair Like Fine Silk: Protect every strand with a good quality brush that is gentle and able to detangle knots. Our famous Detangler brush does just that, wet or dry (for curly girl method, you want to only brush the hair when wet with conditioner in it).
  4. Teach Them How to Care for Their Hair: As your child gets older, it's important to teach them how to care for their own hair. Show them how to detangle gently and apply products, so they can start taking care of their own curls.

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By loving their hair and caring for it in its natural state, you can be assured that their hair will be at its best!

Nourished, moisturised hair is much easier to manage and with less frizz, can be worn out and look amazing.

If you have any questions about the Curly Girl Method or our products, please reach out to us!