Topsy Tail Hair Styling Tool

Meet our magical Topsy Tail Tool which makes gorgeous "braids" and pretty wispy updo's so simple!


📽️ Check out our simple How To video here!

The process is simple! Here is a step by step for a simple wispy "Braid" look;

Tie the hair in a loose pony tail, it can be mid or low (not a high pony)

2  Insert the pointy end of the Topsy Tail Tool in the centre of the pony tail closest to the head

Pull the loose pony tail end through the eyelet end of the Topsy Tail Tool

Slightly part the hair where the pointy part of the Topsy Tail Tool is sitting and gently pull the pointy end downwards, pulling the loose pony tail end through the central part

5  If you would like to tighten the look, separate the pony into 2 sections and pull them horizontally in opposite directions

6  Next, add another elastic 2-3 inches down from the pony tail start and repeat the process as many times as you like 

7  If there are any loose bits around the hairline you can also thread them through the side of the pony tail ends close the the head (see video)


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