Detangler Kids Hair Brush
Detangler Kids Hair Brush
Detangler Kids Hair Brush
Detangler Kids Hair Brush
Detangler Kids Hair Brush

Detangler Kids Hair Brush

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 Say Knot Today to Knots! No Nasties Kids Detangler Brush cuts through knots without the tears!

You will receive;

  • 1 x Detangler Hair Brush
  • Photography props not included


We’ve all been there; brushing their beautiful hair and having them carry on like you’re performing an exorcism. Save your neighbours that call to the police, and give this brush a go.

The detangling hair brush has a revolutionary, life changing design (like that handbag wine cooler you bought). It’s like 5 different types of brushes, all in one. The curved, solid head has no flexibility to make sure it can break up the toughest of hair fights.

Use it on wet hair, dry hair, and all hair in between (even leg hair if you forget to shave for a while).

Available in blue, pink and white.

This brush;

- Saves you time on crazy school mornings

- Makes it easy for kids to brush their own hair

- Protects even the finest curls with minimal damage to tough knots

- Keeps your kids from looking like they slept in a bush


Check out the rest of the SLiCK KiDS range 


Made in China.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen B.

I have bought this to give to my grandaughter at Christmas. 💖
My other grandies have this brush which we are very happy with so really just adding another to the family🌸

Thank you Karen! We hope they have a magical Christmas and Thank You for taking the time to leave a review! xxxx


Great present for a friend and has changed the morning routine into a positive

Robecca F.

This brush is amazing don’t know what it is but my kids brush their hair by them selfs now and they do not cry anymore it’s like head massage also best thing ever.

Donna M.

Absolutely LOVE this hairbrush. I got one for each of my girls, one has super thick hair and the other has super curly hair. I haven’t had one tear when doing hair in the morning since getting these at Christmas!


The product is great & I got my purchase very quickly